GraFX Software Solutions wins "PHP Classes" Innovation Award April 2004

Date: 08 May 2004
Source: GraFX Software Solutions

1st of May 2004, Romania, Tg-Mures - First of all, what is the Innovation Award? - The PHP Programming Innovation Award is to provide recognition to developers who make outstanding contributions to the PHP community. The award aims to honor developers who share components in the form of PHP classes of objects that provide innovative features or solve problems with approaches that provide additional value to the PHP applications of other developers.
The main goal of this award is to encourage developers to contribute PHP components that provide innovative features, instead of just replicating the features already provided by previously contributed components.

The PHP community has grown naturally without a marketing force persuading developers to adopt it, unlike other languages that are backed by big companies with large budgets to invest in huge marketing campaigns. This award also has an implicit goal to inspire other sites or companies to promote PHP and its community by means of other initiatives, hopefully different from this one, that focus on motivating and providing recognition to individuals or groups who make outstanding contributions to the PHP community and foster the continuation of its growth. Cooperating is better than competing. Cooperate and the community will embrace you. Every month all newly published classes that were considered innovative by the PHP Classes ( site are nominated as candidates for the award. The sponsors of this contest are big names in industry (Zend, NuSphere, SitePoint, Sams, O'Reilly, phpMagazine, phpArchitect, Active State, Human Profile).

"We were surprised about this nominalization from PHP Classes, because we know that on this site there are the most powerful PHP classes and the most powerful programmers. Moreover, we have been nominalized with a product that we created 2 years ago for our internal usage, and in order to help us on faster working. 3-4 months ago, we decided to put it on the PHP Classes site, to help out other programmers and we hoped that other developers will come with ideeas on how to improve it. We didn't think that it will be innovative. We are suprised and also delighted for this recognition by PHP Classes. Ohh, and also this week we have won a prize on an another contest on, with an another small piece of code." has declared Valics Lehel - CEO GraFX Software Solutions (

"Code generation is one way to increase software development productivity by automating the production of code components meant to execute repetitive well known tasks. Depending on the capabilies and maturity of the generator tool, the productivity increase may be huge. Database access classes is a common application of code generation tools. Tables are abstracted by database access classes and the table rows are mapped to objects of those classes. The approach of this code generation package is to use a well known template engine class, Fast Template, and make it process template files that define the skeleton of the database access classes to be generated. The example templates for generating database access classes either in PHP or Java demonstrate that with a simple approach it can be provided a flexible solution for addressing a common problem especially in Web application development. Despite the tool can be improved in many ways, it constitutes a good example of how to build your own code generation tool that may help other developers understand and become interested in this powerful approach.. " declare Manuel Lemos, PHPClasses (

About GraFX Software Slutions:
GraFX Software Solutions is a unique Web development company that specializes in innovative online applications. We deliver high-quality solutions based on the latest technologies to help our clients enhance their presence on the Web. Our background is rich in experience. GraFX was established April 1998 with a principal focus on Web development. In 1999, we co-developed a popular portal with the Norwegian-based Mobile Media, whose client list includes Eurosport, BBS and Nokia. A year later, we created our own local portal (, which has positioned itself as one of the top five portals in Romania. We also created innovative banner exchange software ( that currently provides more than 20,000,000 banners for more than 500 active sites each month.

Our core competency evolved over the years, leading to the development of our first software product: Company Website Builder. Today, GraFX offers a full spectrum of quality products (Website Builders, Shopping Cart Software/Programs, PHP Software, Ecommerce Solutions) and services to help businesses capitalize on Internet technology.
Contact persons

Valics Lehel - CEO
GraFX ltd
Tel: +40-265-311600

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