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Get Dreamweaver extensions ... 2 for price of 1.

As a Christmas gift, until 25 December 2010, we will offer SVN for Dreamweaver and CVS for Dreamweaver discounted.

This means that you can get 2 license for price of 1, but ONLY from this page. You need to click the links from this page.


PLESK 10 and Power Toys


Download your Power Toys 4.8.0 version today ...

We have continued the development of the popular Power Toys product, based on the request of many professionals from this domain. Thus we have launched version 4.8.0 with quite a lot of major enhancements and a few bug fixes.

The most of the requests have been about the    continue

Working with Mantis and SVN

For developing software we use Mantis and Subversion (SVN), and as a client we are using SVN for Dreamweavercontinue

The real cost of a website with CMS

I have seen lately more and more users who want to create their own websites. Most of them are wondering about how much it would cost a site made with CMS. Another category of users, those who have already decided about the CMS that they are going to use (they choose it by its popularity on forum   continue

Server outage ...

During the day of the 9th o February, we have encountered a HDD hardware failure that required urgent replacemenbt. For an interval of 4 hours we could not serve the licences and our website has not been available. We appologize for any inconvenience.


New price list ...

We reduced the price of some products. The following products have different prices.

FREE products are now ("Powered by" cannot be removed from the footer) Company Website Builder, GraFXPress, MiniCWB, with the possibility of upgrading them to a commercial version ("Powered by" can be removed fr   continue

CVS/SVN Survey posted

If you have some time, please follow this page, and help us to improve our tools.


Power Toys 4.3.0 released


PSA Power Toys - 4.3.0
VHOST.CONF - php.ini creation at mod_suphp, we will create the php.ini with only 2 lines, necessarry for sessions. The rest is the user part to add additional changes.
VHOST.CONF slash problem fixed

GraFX Software Solutions Announces New BETA Version of Concurrent Versions System for Dreamweaver

New version delivers redesigned GUI and enhanced commit and update features that enable users to increase productivity

CVS for Macromedia Dreamweaver new BETA version released providing more advanced features of CVS for Dreamweaver, adding new functionality to Macromedia Dreamweaver!

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