GraFX Software Solutions announces Search Engine Optimization Tools for PLESK

Date: 22 September 2005
Source: GraFX Software Solutions

Tg-Mures, Romania - September 22, 2005 - GraFX ltd. today announced Search Engine Tools for PLESK, 8 tools that enhance the popular PLESK Control Panel providing new possibilities for those who own a domain on the hosting servers. SEO Tools for PLESK covers now the requirements of a reserved domain - such as the preparation to be launched on the market and its optimization in order to attract as many visitors as possible from its domain. SEO Tools for PLESK offers webserver owners 8 tools that help them verify their site in order to be error free, to analyse the keywords and to generate the meta-tags, to promote the domain in search engines (site submit), to learn
about the competitors and many more. For more information, please visit

"We have had cotinuously customers requesting the verification of their website before being launched and its optimization in different search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo. In order to fulfill their requirements, we had to search for different tools on the Internet and we had to work a few days in order to do the optimization job. That was when we realised that these tools are a must have in the hosting account Control Panel, as they are easy to use for anyone who has access to them. But our customers had no idea about their existence. This is how we came to the idea to add them in PLESK. We have chosen this control panel as we use it on daily basis, but we are already working on transferring it to Direct Admin, Ensim and cPanel." - has declared Lehel Valics, CEO at GraFX ltd.

Thus the new solution includes useful SEO tools such as:
- HTML/XHTML compatibility check, verifies the pages in order to detect errors, suggests correction
- Spider Check (verifies the pages just like a spider, in hidden special headers, suggests correction
- Meta Tag Generator - meta keywords and meta description, generator and all that is necessary for a correct header
- Site Submit - subscription in search engines, Submit Check verifies the submitted domain to see whether it is listed
- Position Check verifies a certain keyword or more keywords in order to see the positioning of the website
- Link popularity verifies the number of links on other websites to the website in discussion
- Competitor Analisys based on certain keywords to learn more about the competitors and their positioning.

"It was a challenge for us to develop this software, but it was worthed every minute. We are confident that this solution will become a must have for webserver administrators, as using it they will be able to optimize a website at minimal costs." - said Kinga Laura Ambrus, marketing manager at GraFX ltd.

SEO Tools for PLESK pricing is based on configuration and number of licenses. Prices start at $99 for a 30 domains license and up to $399 for unlimited server licenses. Expected to ship in October, SEO Tools for PLESK is revolutionary software in Control Panel business.

GraFX ltd is a Web development company that specializes in innovative online applications. We deliver high-quality solutions based on the latest technologies to help our clients enhance their presence on the Web, starting from CMS applications to shopping carts, Macromedia Dreamweaver extensions and other web tools. For more information, please visit

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