You get a dedicated server|with PLESK Control Panel|Dedicated person for the server|Daily backup of your data

Dedicated Servers

We offer to you a dedicated webservers. We studied a lot of configurations and we can find a good configuration, based on your business. Maybe you need a small dedicated server or maybe you will require a bigger server for hundred of websites or why not, multiple dedicated servers.

PLESK|Odin Control Panel

PLESK is one of the best control panel on the market. We also know how to secure it, right after is delivered to you. Usually most of big server house companies just deliver it to you, but the responsability to manage it is yours. Because of this servers are hacked most of the time and you will even not know.

More then 10 years of experience

In this years we had a few hundred of clients with dedicated hosting and we have accumulated a lot of knowledge. We offer to you this "powerful database of our brain" and not only to just manage your server, but if you require, we will try to guide you in building your web solutions, help you to build a better online presence.

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HOW TO get support from us

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GraFX Software Solutions Support


We can help you with any aspect of software development, including server setup and configuration (PLESK), custom development and integration (Web based Software), customization of software and more. Short-term support arrangements can be a small as one hour, or up to a multi-month development project. We'll work with you to come up with a custom plan that matches your specific needs and budgets.


  • For engagements of less than 10 hours we charge US $40 / hour
  • For engagements between 10 and 40 hours we charge US $30 / hr
  • For engagements over 40 hours we charge US $20 / hr

You can order right now hours: (1 hour link)


PLESK Based Dedicated or VPS Hosting Management Services

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We'll take care of your server IT as if was one of ours.

If you already have a dedicated or VPS server, you are responsible of its setup and maintenance. This involves installing system software and additional packages, configuration, security and server monitoring for smooth operation. If the command line and Linux forums are not your cup of tea, we can help.

Here is what our Hosting Management Services package includes:

  1. Setup Operating System and Web Server components. (Based on your choice of CentOS or Ubuntu distributions, we suggest CentOS)
  2. Plesk Control Panel license for 10 domains and unlimited subdomains and aliases. (If you already have a Plesk license or another panel, we can use that as well)
  3. Transfer and integrate your site from its previous host. (Copy over your scripts and make sure they work in the new environment)
  4. Monitoring 24x7 - Instant SMS and Email alerts in case of a server component failure. (Customer scripts are your own responsibility)
  5. Upgrade on request any server core components to the newest stable ...

PLESK Crash Recovery

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Power Toys for PLESK

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Any important software has its own shortcomings. The same for the PLESK Control Panel, but these are covered by Power Toys, a small software that comes as an AddOn for PLESK.
Get more info about this popular extension for PLESK.
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