GraFX Software Solutions releases Mini Open CMS, a new, small Content Management System

Date: 15 November 2006
Source: GraFX Software Solutions

GraFX ltd. has released today a minimized version of his popular Company Website Builder solution. MiniCWB is a small Content Management Software and
is meant to satisfy the needs of those who do not have access to a database, but want a dynamic website, editable through admin area and most of all,
based on a FREE solution. The most important aspect about this software is that it is search engine optimized, and thus very popular.

"With this version, we have tried to come with an easy-to-use solution for those clients who do not have such a vast experience with database usage and sophisticated customization. We have had a few customers who have found difficult to use the complex admin area based on categories, products, news etc. as the one provided by the current version of Company Website Builder. Thus, we have simply reduced it to a single content page, but more important, with unlimited number of pages that you may add afterwards. Any content you like, add it and the page links are automatically generated, without user interference. In the same time, we have tried to eliminate the MySQL database usage, for the most important reason that most of our customers have already contracted hosting services, but without database support. All they had needed were a few presentation pages. This is why they have no the MiniCWB to create their website." - has declared Lehel Valics, CEO at GraFX ltd.

Why you should choose miniCBW:

Totally Free - Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is FREE, easy to use and works on any environment.

Search Engine Optimized - miniCWB is SE optimized, meta keywords, title tags are inserted and the source code is 100% prepared to be preferred by Search Engines

Template Based - If you decide to change the design, it is very easy to maintain the content and change only the template layout.

Easy-To-Use Admin Area - You are allowed to update your pages using the ADMIN area, which is extremely easy to use, provided with a small, but
powerful WYSWYG editor. It's just like using a WORD editor.

Text Based Database - No database required, all the content is written in text files. In many cases the hosting package does not contain MySQL

"I have been working with GraFX Software Solutions for quite a few years, and I know it based on my experience that clients want something simple,
without a complicated admin area. It seems that these guys have finally come up with such a solution, launching the lite version of their CWB software, which proves to be excellent on first testing. Especially because it does not require a database. Well done." Clid - PC Tech Ireland

"In less than an hour I have built the website of a client! Moreover, it took more to assemble the content of the pages than setting the software up
and running. I am a designer with little HTML knowledge, and this is what I needed." - Mircea Dragoi - Epix

PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: This is a free version, but we offer commercial versions as well. Find out more about the commercial version on

ABOUT GRAFX LTD GraFX ltd is a Web development company that specializes in innovative online applications. We deliver high-quality solutions based on
the latest technologies to help our clients enhance their presence on the Web, starting from CMS applications to shopping carts, Adobe
Dreamweaver extensions and other web tools. For more information, please visit

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