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HOW-TO install ffmpeg, Mplayer, mencoder,FLVtool2 and Yamdi on Plesk Linux based server

window.location.href = "https://powertoys.io/how-to_install_ffmpeg_mplayer_mencoderflvtool2_and_yamdi_on_plesk_linux_based_server/" A hosting client made a request for some add   continue

HOW-TO restart automatically on Linux Kernel Panic if hanging on boot

I’ve experienced that when wanting to restart the system (Linux) this has blocked when booting, ha   continue

Web Site hacked, iframe inserted, where to start?

Each day I read on forums, job posts that a site was hacked, inserted some iframes, strange javascript co   continue

Spam blacklist unlisting from sorbs.net


HOW-TO setup Plesk with Samba Share and OpenVPN on CentOS

Plesk Samba Share In order to use Plesk Samba Share, you must have Plesk installed on a CentOS Linux Sy   continue

How to find out PLESK admin password?

Sometimes you forgot the admin password for PLESK, so here is a small code to find out the password   continue

Plesk 9.2.x - Postfix SMTP authentication error

postfix/smtpd[24579]: sql_sqlite3 plugin database open error /plesk/passwd.db: unable to open database   continue

HOW-TO - Not get Plesk Certificate Error or get rid off "This Connection is Untrusted" message.

It is more and more frustrating when customers call to complain about the control panel - PLESK, pr   continue

Automated Remote FTP Backup shell script

Saving the data from the server may be a problem, especially if you forget about it. Unfortunately th   continue

HOW-TO Setup a PLESK Dedicated Server