New version 3.1.0 of CVS for Dreamweaver and SVN for Dreamweaver

Date: 04 March 2009
Source: GraFX

We are glad to announce the release of CVS for Dreamweaver and SVN for Dreamweaver, version 3.1.0 for both OS, Windows and Macintosh.
This message contains information about
* How to work with SVN for Dreamweaver and Mantis Bugtracker
* how to obtain an evaluation license
* prices and how to purchase
* how to upgrade
* what is new in 3.1.0
* support channels

Working together with SVN and Mantis Bugtracker

For developing software we use Mantis and Subversion (SVN), and as a client we are using SVN for Dreamweaver. We are not the only ones, it is simple, it is the perfect combination for developing and both products are Open Source too. The problem we are facing is that we are working twice at each task. This means loosing time, and time is money. - read the entire article at

CVS for Dreamweaver and SVN for Dreamweaver version 3.1.0 can be freely evaluated. The new installation kits can be downloaded from

CVS for Dreamweaver and SVN for Dreamweaver can be purchased for a price of USD 59/seat.
To purchase please visit store at

For upgrade instructions you will be contacted in a separate email.

What is new in version 3.1.0 CVS for Dreamweaver
- 0000323: Add to commit #issue (bug) field
- 0000623: Check if DLL exist

What is new in version 3.1.0 SVN for Dreamweaver

- 0000622: Add to commit #issue (bug) field
- 0000626: Revert a folder to original state
- 0000639: New SVN client version
- 0000625: Rename a file


Please contact us at or at LIVE HELP (

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